Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Javascript

It appears that the ECMA organization has approved the new ECMAScript 5, otherwise known as javascript, standard. It has been ten years since an adopted change to the standard has been made. However, this hasn't stopped web applications from evolving to something that resembles the desktop more and more with each passing year.

The ECMA plans to submit the newly adopted javascript standard as an ISO standard. I think this would be a very good move, especially if web browser vendors decide to stick to the standard.

Aside from the javascript standardization front, there have also been some new features introduced. For instance, javascript objects, or JSON objects, will be able to operate in an immutable mode if chosen to do so. This is could prove useful for working with javascript objects that are returned from an API and aren't intended to be manipulated. Also, the javascript interpreter itself will be able to operate in a strict more that is less forgiving toward malformed-syntax. This will be a blessing for developers that don't feel at ease with deployed javascript that may or may not be well-formed; it may or may not work in some browsers.

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