Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music At Work

This slashdot entry contains some very anger-inspiring content. Especially if you are a developer. Even more especially if you are a developer that listens to music while you work, which I would think most do. The obvious exceptions are the ones who work for the lunatic boss mentioned in the entry who came up with the brilliant policy of banning music at work for developers.

Personally, I would be devastated if I had no music to listen to while writing code. Forget about blocking out office noise. What about the rhythmic productivity music adds to the though process? Is that of no value? I sometimes here a song and almost instantly, I can visualize the code I was writing while listening to it years ago. I wonder if that means the music was distracting me while I was writing it.

Don't take away the right to listen to music at work where it isn't necessary. People just resent you for it and you aren't helping anyone by doing it. You may think you are helping your ego, but all you're really doing is giving yourself false hope as a leader.

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