Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chrome OS

There is a lot of hype around the new Google Chrome OS as of late as the source code has been released. There should be lots of hype around this new operating system because it is a new concept. Sure, there are net-books you can use for your light-weight web browsing purposes. But that doesn't really cut it if you have stuff to do.

The approach behind the Chrome OS is that it is a web browser that grew up into a light-weight operating system. The OS isn't concerned with running local desktop applications and can optimize for the web. I find this concept both interesting and frightening.

The idea of having a computer that I cannot use, in the conventional sense will most likely turn many people off. It is a little scary that none of your data is in your hands. With a conventional laptop, you can at least store whatever you want and carry it around with you. I wonder what Google will do if people don't like that idea of all their data being out of their hands. Not likely to happen.

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