Monday, December 22, 2008

Gaphor services

The Gaphor UML modeling tool offers a simple service framework under the covers. The Gaphor application itself defines some core services that fit within this framework. For example, it defines an ActionManager service that is used to handle various actions within the application.

All services that are defined within Gaphor (or as extensions to Gaphor), implement the IService interface. This interface is defined in the interfaces module. Here is a simple illustration of what this interface looks like.

As you can see, this straight-forward interfaces requires that any Gaphor services implement an init and a shutdown method.

The ActionManager service is a good example of a Gaphor service. This service is responsible for maintaining actions in the application. It is also a service that is responsible for loading other services. For example, the FileManager service is also an action provider since it implements the IActionProvider interface. The ActionManager service loads all components that provide the IActionProvider interface and registers them as action providers within the application.

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