Wednesday, December 17, 2008

boduch 0.0.2

The new boduch Python package is now available on pypi. Some changes include:
  • Added a new Set class.
  • EventManager.prioritize() will now prioritize the event handlers.
  • Added some new event classes.
  • Added some new unit tests.
  • API documentation enhancements.
The new Set class is basically a Python list that emits events. The class supports push, pop, get, and sort methods each of which emit a different event type. Also, the EventManager class will now sort the handles for any given event according to their priority (which is the sum given by the handle).

In 0.0.3, I plan to add the ability to execute event handles in a threadless mode. This will most likely be a parameter passed to publish(). I'm also going to add some constants that will hopefully come in handy when setting the priority of event handles.

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