Friday, June 26, 2015

JavaScript at Scale

My latest book, JavaScript at Scale is available for pre-order now at Packt Publishing, and at Amazon. It'll be fully published in July 2015.

The JavaScript ecosystem is filled to the brim, to the point of overflowing actually, with libraries and frameworks. In this mix, there's some truly remarkable technology. In fact, it's hard to make decisions, given all the overlapping functionality and capabilities. What I've found over the past couple of years is that the architectural considerations get lost in all this choice. That is to say, that we may not be selecting the tool that's best for the front-end architecture we've set out to build. The choice of front-end technology is chosen more so on the generic capabilities of the framework. While TODO applications are a great springboard, to familiarize ourselves with the nature of the technology, that can only take us so far.

JavaScript at Scale is a book about the influencers of scale in front-end applications. It aims to address the various scenarios in which our applications need to scale. It covers the why of JavaScript scaling, in other words. This is important information to have at our disposal when making architectural decisions, or when selecting a piece of technology to use in our application. With it, we can make informed choices about the scalability of our code, because code for one application is going to have different scaling characteristics than another application.

Frameworks and libraries are great, as they solve a lot of problems for us. Including scalability, but only in narrow scopes. It's time to start thinking about scalable JavaScript applications as a whole, rather than just scalable components.

Big thanks to August Marcello III for the fantastic technical editing work.

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