Monday, January 26, 2015

Lo-Dash Essentials

I'm pleased to announce my latest book, Lo-Dash Essentials, available now from Packt Publishing. It covers everything you need to get started using Lo-Dash in your projects, as well as some newer features introduced in the 3.0 release.
Here's a rough outline of what you'll find in the book:
  1. Collections and arrays: working with collections and arrays
  2. Objects: working with objects
  3. Functions: functional programming tools
  4. MapReduce: mapping and reducing is fundamental to applicative/functional programming in Lo-Dash
  5. Chained function calls: write elegant, compact code
  6. Application components: glue functions together that realize larger behavior
  7. Other libraries: Lo-Dash working alongside other libraries
  8. Internals and performance: some guiding principles on performance, and how how to get the most of it

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