Monday, August 1, 2011

jQuery UI Themes: Beginner's Guide

I'm pleased to announce the availability of my new book — JQuery UI Themes Beginner's Guide.  Also available directly from Packt Publishing.  Here is a brief chapter outline:

  1. Themeable User Interfaces — Just a little theory on themes.
  2. Using Themes — Introduction to using jQuery UI and themes.
  3. Using The ThemeRoller — Guide to using the ThemeRoller.
  4. Working With Widget Containers — Learn about the fundamental building block of the jQuery UI theme framework.
  5. Transforming Interaction States — Theme your interface based on the state of interactions.
  6. Customizing Interaction Cues — Bring theme styles to your user notifications.
  7. Creating Theme Icons — Extend the theme icon set with your own icons.
  8. Special Effects — Add further embellishments to your theme with shadows and overlays.
  9. Theming Custom Widgets — Build your own widget and learn to theme it accordingly.
Stay tuned — I'll be posting some variations on the examples in book here over the coming months.

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