Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UML Simplification

Trying to learn the UML by studying the language specification is a difficult task. Not just because the size of the specification is so huge but because there are two complimentary specifications; the Superstructure and the Infrastructure. The UML Infrastructure specification acts as a kernel. There isn't any lower level of UML specification. The UML Superstructure defines all modeling elements found in the language by reusing and expanding on the elements found in the Infrastructure specification.

This sounds like a good application of reuse. The common elements are separated from the more specific elements. However, this has led to some level of redundancy in the UML specification, making UML concepts more difficult to grasp. This UML Simplification RFP aims to fix several specification problems, including the disconnect between the Infrastructure and Superstructure specifications. These problems also serve as a good example that reuse can sometimes lead to other unanticipated issues.

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