Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Face Of Bad Code

Lets face it, we've all written bad code at one point or another. If we hadn't, we probably would never release any functional software. Remember, code that isn't ideal doesn't equate to code that doesn't run and help someone else accomplish some task. Code can always be re-factored, and, it should be re-factored.

I often find myself testing my own software from and end user perspective and thinking about the code that is running when I perform certain actions. I think "well, it works, but just barely". I have to force myself to think "well, it works, and that is all the user cares about; it can be re-factored later".

Don't be tempted to re-factor before you get something functional into the hands of the end users. Make notes on what doesn't work well and fix it in conjunction with the user-provided feedback. If you don't release, you don't get the feedback. Only you as the developer know what needs to be re-factored, only the end user knows how well your software solves their problem.

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