Wednesday, March 31, 2010

jQuery Proxy

The jQuery.proxy() method allows event handlers to use the this object as something other than the event object itself. That is, you can change the context of a specified function. Some view this technique as somewhat dangerous. This is probably true if not treated with care.

If you're a developer coming from another object-oriented programming language, you're probably used to the this object referring to the current object or self. The whole purpose of the jQuery.proxy() method is to change that meaning.

It can be quite powerful in certain situations where the event doesn't provide all the data required by the event handler. Or maybe the original event object provides nothing of value at all and it is beneficial to use jQuery.proxy() everywhere. In this case you would only be updating some application model instead of reading the event properties. All you would care about is that the event occurred. Either way, useful feature to have available.

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