Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ArgoUML Proof Of Concept

It has been a while in the making but the ArgoUML modeling tool has made available a development version of the 0.30.0 release. What is interesting here is that this development release, 0.29.1, will provide limited UML 2 support. Up until now there has only been UML 1.4 support in ArgoUML.

The ArgoUML software package has been around for quite some time and is relatively stable. The major roadblock for large scale ArgoUML adoption has been the lack of UML 2 support. The problem is that UML 2 has been the standard for many years now. The newer modeling constructs are gaining in popularity and if a tool doesn't support them, it is difficult to justify using it even if it has a great user interface with many other features.

The development version of ArgoUML that provides limited UML 2 support can be downloaded and used. It should not, however, be used in a production environment as is the case with any development release of any software. The model subsystem to use is specified by command-line arguments. No word on whether the UML 1.4 model will still be supported when ArgoUML 0.30.0 is released.

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