Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomboy Wiki

Taking notes is an important activity for any professional that wants to get anything done. Whether you are jotting down notes for a blog entry or highlighting some aspect of a software component under development, using the right tool usually helps. The tomboy notes application is a nice little note-taking utility for Gnome. The power of this application lies in its' simplicity. It doesn't strive to be the next killer work processor disguised as something it isn't. It is designed for taking notes with a few additional features related to note-taking.

The notes that one may create with tomboy notes aren't limited to plain-text. But, keeping with the philosophy of simplicity, this feature set is minimal. You can bold, italicize, highlight, and create lists. Those are the most basic text-formatting features available and are realistically you you could ever need for taking notes. The focus of note-taking is on content, not form, as tomboy notes clearly understands this.

The wiki aspect of tomboy notes comes from its' ability to create links to other notes within the same system. I don't really consider these text links to other notes as part of the text-formatting feature set. It is really part of the wiki feature set and that set length is one. The reason these links have a wiki feel to them is because users have the option to automatically highlight works that are in camel case. Clicking these links will create a new note while retaining the link, just like a wiki.

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