Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pyro URIs

Pyro is a distributed object framework written entirely in Python. The Pyro massively simplifies the task of distributing Python instances across a network. The notion of an object proxy is employed by the Python system. An object proxy in Pyro is indistinguishable from a standard Python instance, hence the term proxy. But nodes within the network must be able create these proxy instances somehow. Additionally, in order to create these proxy instances, the node needs to know about the state of the original, canonical instance. Identifying the original Python instance within a deployed Pyro system is straightforward with URIs. The URI concept is the sole responsibility of the name server in the deployed Pyro system.

The good news is that the object URIs used in the highly distributed Pyro system have a close parallel to the URIs used in a traditional HTTP resource oriented architecture. The translation of the HTTP URI to a Pyro URI wouldn't be overly difficult to achieve. Both systems share properties of addressability. Since the name server does the work of locating the object within a set of distributed nodes, this would be a good candidate setup for a small scale distributed API. ho knows, maybe something like this could be built in the large scale. I wouldn't count on it until it is proven as functional.

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