Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Python audio scrobbler

I just experimented with the audioscrobblerws Python package and as a LastFM user, I have too say, it is pretty neat.

First, we initialize the service.
from audioscrobblerws import Webservice
Next, if you need to retrieve a LastFM user, you can do so.
You can view the available functionality available to each user.
You will most likely see something like:
['AsDict', 'FillProfileData', 'GetCommonArtists', 'GetCompatibility', 'GetCurrentEvents', 'GetFriends', 'GetFriendsEvents', 'GetNeighbours', 'GetRecentBannedTracks', 'GetRecentLovedTracks', 'GetRecentPlayedTracks', 'GetRecentTracks', 'GetRelatedUser', 'GetSystemEventRecommendations', 'GetSystemRecommendations', 'GetTasteOmeter', 'GetTopAlbums', 'GetTopArtists', 'GetTopTags', 'GetTopTracks', 'GetWeeklyAlbumChart', 'GetWeeklyAlbumChartList', 'GetWeeklyArtistChart', 'GetWeeklyArtistChartList', 'GetWeeklyChart', 'GetWeeklyChartList', 'GetWeeklyTrackChart', 'GetWeeklyTrackChartList', '__class__', '__delattr__', '__dict__', '__doc__', '__eq__', '__getattribute__', '__hash__', '__init__', '__module__', '__ne__', '__new__', '__reduce__', '__reduce_ex__', '__repr__', '__setattr__', '__str__', '__weakref__', 'age', 'attributeMap', 'avatar', 'cluster', 'country', 'currentEvents', 'friends', 'friendsEvents', 'fullProfile', 'gender', 'icon', 'id', 'mostRecentPlayedTrack', 'neighbours', 'playcount', 'realname', 'recentBannedTracks', 'recentLovedTracks', 'recentPlayedTracks', 'recentWeeklyAlbumChart', 'recentWeeklyArtistChart', 'recentWeeklyTrackChart', 'registered', 'systemEventRecommendations', 'systemRecommendations', 'topAlbum', 'topAlbums', 'topArtist', 'topArtists', 'topTag', 'topTags', 'topTrack', 'topTracks', 'url', 'username']
As you can see, if you are a fan of LastFM and feel like experimenting with this Python package, it offers quite a bit to experiment with.

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