Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An interface/generalization design pattern

Last month, I wrote about an interface/generalization design pattern. I thought I'd post a diagram which I feel better illustrates the pattern.

Again, to some the pattern up:
  • The base interface specifies the contract that all classes who realize this interface must implement.
  • The base class which realizes the base interface. This instances of this class will ensure that the expected default behavior of some collaboration can always be carried out in the case that a more specialized sub-class cannot be instantiated.
  • You may create a sub-class of the base class which realizes the base interface. This class has the ability to redefine certain methods of the base class while using the default implementation of others.
  • You may create a regular class that realizes the base interface. It can be thought of as a child of the base class because it will behave the same as any other children of the base class. The main difference being that this class must implement the entire interface. There are no defaults here.

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