Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enomaly ECP update

Just this week, I've started writing some new unit tests for Enomaly ECP. I decided to take a different approach than the previous unit tests. These new tests are designed to test the RESTful API of the software. The new testing module, which I'm using to test version 2.2, establishes a connection with a running ECP instance and makes several HTTP requests to the API. The results for each test pass or fail based on the HTTP status, the internal error code returned, and ensuring that modifications actually took place.

Another nice little tool I've incorporated into the new unit testing is sptest. It gives us some nice colourful output.

This shift in testing focus will hopefully yield a more robust API for the Enomaly ECP platform that can be verified with test results. I hope to actually ship this new testing module with 2.2 so users can run the unit tests for themselves.

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