Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enomaly ECP update

There is some major refactoring happening with the core extension modules that ship with Enomaly ECP. In the current stable version (2.1) of ECP, there is some javascript and other static resources that are required by some of these core extension modules. In the case of javascript, the code is simply defined in the core jquery.enomalism2.js javascript file.

One of the limitations imposed on ECP 2.1 is the lack of dynamic extension module resource integration. Any external extension module will not be able to alter the ECP interface to the extent that may be desired. The good news is that this limitation has been realized and is being addressed. In ECP 2.2, much more static resource flexibility will be offered to extension modules.

Since the core extension modules are no different than external extension modules that are not shipped with ECP, the initial refactoring will happen in these modules. This will at least provide a good starting point on how to take advantage of this new core functionality.

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