Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enomaly ECP update

Lots of new ideas for Enomaly ECP 2.2 have been brewing and work to implement these ideas has commenced. One new piece of functionality that has already made its way in are new HTTP request testing functions:
  • is_get_request()
  • is_post_request()
  • is_put_request()
  • is_delete_request()
These functions have made their way into the REST_library module in an effort to globally decouple cherrypy from the Enomaly ECP modules. This isn't to say that cherrypy isn't going to be used as the HTTP server in 2.2. It is just good programming practice.

Just today, I started adding extensible javascript and CSS capabilities for ECP extension modules. I'll have more to say about that once it is further developed.

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