Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enomalism update

The long weekend is over and work toward a stable Enoamlism2.1 release resumes. Today, I've renamed some key classes in the Enomalism data model. uuid_search is now know as UUIDSearch and perm_select is know know as PermSelect. These changes help keep the code in sync with PEP8.

The config_editor Enomalism extension module now has a more package-like structure. Several json-conversion functions have been implemented. These still have yet to be invoked by the various REST controllers. The Queue and QueueMessage classes now have setter/getter methods implemented and ready to use.

I've noticed that all classes in the UUIDSearch.by_prefix() method need some reconsidering. They do not check permissions. If each object that is returned by this method has permissions checked against it, this is a serious performance bottle-neck. The good news is, we simply need to use PermSelect for the various object filters.

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