Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enomalism 2.1RC1

I'd like to mention some of the many changes that have taken place in the first Enomalism2.1 Release Candidate.

  • A large number of name changes have been made to better conform to the Python PEP8 coding guidline. This resulted in massive changes throughout the codebase. Not all changes in this area have been implemented. Although, this is an ongoing effort and is a future goal of Enomalism.
  • The select code that retrieves sets of objects has been vastly improved. There is new functionality that retrieve objects based on the specified permission. This will check the permissions inside the SQL statement which is much more efficient. This is another area of improvement which is incomplete and ongoing.
  • Much of the javascript that makes requests to the Enomalism REST API will handle failure much better. There were several cases in the last release that the javascript would either utterly fail or just show no response. In most cases, it is very obvious what has gone wrong.
  • Some new REST API features have been added. These are mostly GET requests that list Enomalism objects.
  • Several improvements have been made to the JSON architecture in Enomalism in which the objects are converted to a JSON representation.
  • The structure of the core modules is more package oriented. The idea behind Enomalism extension modules is that they are in there own right, applications that run on the Enomalism platform.
The release should be available shortly and I will provide a link as soon as it exists.

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